I view pregnancy and birth as part of a spectrum of reproductive experiences, which also includes fertility, pregnancy prevention, miscarriage, pregnancy release, surrogacy, and adoption. During these and other lived transitions, individuals need their Circle to surround them.

As a full-spectrum doula, I extend the doula model of care to all of the choices and outcomes across this spectrum. This means that I provide educational, informational, physical and emotional support to all people for all reproductive choices and experiences, including abortion/pregnancy release. These services can include:

  • Answer questions and offer community resources

  • Give one-on-one support during certain parts of your abortion/pregnancy release or throughout the entire experience

  • Offer emotional support and help process the experience

  • Help with physical relaxation and stress relief techniques

  • Be there for aftercare

  • Provide spiritual and religious support

  • Give nutritional and herbal remedy information

  • Advocate for their unique experience with medical staff

  • Help partners/family/friends/support people with the experience

  • Refer to other support services, including medical, mental health, social and cultural services

For more information about my work as a full-spectrum doula, please contact me.