Why We Need Postpartum Doulas

In many other cultures there are practices in place that allow the new mother to acclimate to her new baby. In some cultures a mother has a 40-day rest period where she doesn’t leave her “cocoon” or her baby.  This is a sacred space in her home that is respected by all and only certain family members and caregivers can enter that space. Many generations may live in the same household, or at least very close together, providing the new mother with many generations to support her in that special postpartum time.

Here in America we don’t have anything like that in place. Once a mama goes home from the hospital, her next checkup isn’t until six weeks postpartum. Yes - she is able to call her doctor with any concerns, but other than maybe a few visits with a lactation consultant, and some family coming over or bringing meals, there is not much in the way of true support for a new mother (, much less celebrating the birth of the mother.

This is the dramatic time of rapid change in a woman’s life on every level of her being. It is also the most demanding time, with the baby needing to be fed and cared for around the clock. This can make recovery and integration very challenging, often leading to postpartum depression. In the U.S., the postpartum depression rate hovers around 25% and varies in severity. In cultures where the practice of nurturing the new mother for the first 40 days is a standard practice, the postpartum depression rate is less than 2%.

Just as we must return birth to the family and regain trust in the intuitive wisdom of birth, it is time that we in the U.S. reawaken these ancient healing and nurturing practices.

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Below is an overview of the postpartum support I can provide:

  • How to alleviate common postpartum ailments and how to alleviate them, including natural remedies

  • Breastfeeding support and infant care, which includes bathing, swaddling, cord care and diapering

  • How to wear your baby

  • Emotional support, listening to the new mother’s needs and worries, and helping her to integrate and process the birth experience.

  • Meal prep/cooking

  • Some housekeeping (laundry, dishes, mopping etc)

Please note that as a Postpartum Doulas, I do not give medical advice, as I am not a medical professional, but I am always happy to speak with families about their concerns.

Postpartum Support Packages

I am currently only providing Postpartum Doula Support to my Labor and Birth Doula clients.

My hourly rate is $30 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum. I also offer a $30 discount for every 10 hours of postpartum support purchased.