"Our experience with Kristin as our doula was everything we could have wished for. Kristin was also the teacher for our birth class. We felt very comfortable with her right away, and we were so impressed by her extensive knowledge and her energy. Her support and encouragement made our journey to becoming parents truly special. We are very grateful to have had her with us and would highly recommend her." - J.T. and M.T., Denver, CO

"Giving birth for the first time can be a very vulnerable and scary experience, and I don’t know what I would have done without Kristin as my doula. She was amazing. Never have I felt so supported, reassured and given advocacy. When I was first pregnant, I wasn’t even sure whether I even needed a doula, but during and after the experience, I was so grateful to have her there. Kristin has an extraordinary talent for providing just the right amount of help at just the right time. Throughout the pregnancy and birth experience, it feels like there are a million decisions to make. It can be overwhelming. Kristin was always a voice of compassionate wisdom, never pushing an external agenda or opinion, but always there to share knowledge and provide useful information. If we do this again, I won’t hesitate to call her." - J.M. and A.M, Denver

"I cannot put into words how amazing my birth was, in no small part due to Kristin's wisdom and energy. I felt safe, calm, and confident with her by our side. Her professionalism with the staff was key in helping to ensure that I was able to avoid interventions that I did not want or need." - D.M. and A.M, Houston

"Kristin's teaching style is authentic and soulful. She has a rare ability to weave together alignment cues with spiritual teachings, resulting in a complete yoga experience each time I practice with her." - W.B., Houston

"Kristin was my first yoga teacher, and I will forever be grateful for the way in which she gently drew me into the practice. Her alignment cues still ring through my body whenever I practice, and I regularly revisit teachings she gave on topics ranging from mindful parenting to the yoga sutras." -E.S., Washington, DC